Project Quadcopter

A new hobby is selected: I’m gonna build a quadcopter. The machine will fly in complete automatic mode (no reote control, only high level meta commands), will be able to take pictures and videos, follow me and listen to voice command, shoot rockets and delivers packets.

But first things first, I am currently deciding how to approach the first version of the machine. The primare goal will be hovering stable in the air.

I figured I will try to make a quadcopter (not helicopter), i.e. a machine with 4 rotors facing upwards.
The low level control will be done via the arduino platform as it has a very low latency. For higher level control (logic where to fly, receiving commands) I want to leverage a more powerful computing platform, probably my cell phone (Galaxy S3), which has a wide range of inbuilt functionality (like gps, wifi, bluetooth, pictures/videos, voice recognition, display and already has a broken screen anyway. As the command giving entity I will probably choose my new phone, the S5, which will hopefully come out around march.

As the project is not that easy, I already got two friends on board, which will broaden our skillset to include C and handcrafting and even more enthusiasm.

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